2023 World Manufacturing Conference "Report card" released a number of the most
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On the afternoon of September 28, the results of the 2023 World Manufacturing Conference were released.

"The 2023 World Manufacturing Conference has achieved the achievements of the largest number of participants, the largest 

exhibition area, the richest activity content, the highest outward orientation, and the most extensive publicity coverage, making 

positive contributions to the publicity and display of the development achievements of China's advanced manufacturing 

industry and promoting international cooperation and exchanges in the manufacturing industry." On the afternoon of the 28th, 

at a press conference held by the Anhui Provincial Government Information Office, Sun Donghai, deputy Secretary-General of 

the Anhui Provincial Government, director of the General Office and director of the office of the Executive Committee of the 

2023 World Manufacturing Conference, introduced the fruitful results achieved by the 2023 World Manufacturing Conference.

According to reports, the conference invited a total of 16,000 guests and representatives from home and abroad to participate 

in the various activities of the conference, focusing on accelerating the promotion of new industrialization and building a 

modern industrial system dialogue and exchange, and jointly looking forward to the beautiful vision of future development, 

including 2,158 important guests such as representatives of the government, business and academic circles, and 26 foreign 

provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to participate in the conference, all of which reached a record high.

Focusing on Anhui Province's 100 billion industrial system and the direction of ten emerging industries, the conference formed 

a "1+6+11+21+21" activity system according to the way of provincial and municipal linkage, that is, an opening ceremony and 

keynote forum, 6 "Six hundred" project docking activities, 11 special activities, 21 forum activities and 21 activities held by 

various cities. It has achieved full coverage of 16 provincial cities, and the richness of activities is the most ever.

At the same time, deepening the connection of central enterprises, private enterprises, foreign enterprises, Hong Kong and 

Macao enterprises, Taiwan enterprises, overseas Chinese enterprises and other "600" projects, a total of 587 cooperation 

signed projects, a total investment of 342.5 billion yuan, of which 534 manufacturing projects, a total investment of 306 billion 

yuan, accounting for 91% and 89%; A total of 60 central enterprises participated in the forum on cooperation and development 

between Anhui Province and central enterprises, signing 53 cooperation projects with a total investment of 65.1 billion yuan.

During the conference, Anhui Province and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology deepened cooperation and 

signed the Memorandum of Cooperation on Further Jointly Promoting High-quality Development of China's Sound Valley to 

jointly build a trillion-scale intelligent voice and artificial intelligence world advanced manufacturing cluster; Held the ministry of 

higher education and Anhui Province integration results release and negotiation and exchange activities, since the signing of 

cooperation agreements last year, 7 ministry of higher education in Anhui Province has reached 184 cooperation projects, this 

year reached a new round of intentional cooperation projects 333. We made solid progress in the integrated development of 

the Yangtze River Delta, and reached 272 cooperation projects with Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, with a total 

investment of 115.9 billion yuan. Fujian Province was invited as the guest of honor, and activities such as an exhibition 

featuring Fujian as the guest of Honor were held to promote exchanges and cooperation between the two provinces.

In addition, with the goal of "eye-catching exhibits, colorful exhibition halls, strong guarantee and safe operation", the 

conference adopted a combination of government exhibitions and market exhibitions, with a total exhibition area of 80,000 

square meters, and organized 974 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, displaying more than 3,000 products, of which 

420 exhibitors from outside the province and 1337 exhibits. During the exhibition, each exhibition area harvested a total of 

6,941 procurement opportunities, reached 1,646 cooperation intentions, received a total of 359,000 offline visitors, online 

visits reached 13.828 million people, the number of visitors, the number of exhibitors, the length of visit, the exhibition area 

are the most in the previous conference.