CEO Chen Pinfang appeared in X-PITCH 2023 Extreme Briefing International Competition, wonderful moments review!
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CEO Chen Pinfang attended the X-PITCH 2023 Extreme Briefing International Competition and served as the event award guest.

CEO Chen Pinfang attended the X-PITCH 2023 Extreme Briefing International Competition and served as the event award guest.

X-PITCH is one of the largest startup competitions in Asia and is known as the "extreme sport of startups". Contestants win awards and investments along the way through 15 -, 60 - and 3-minute presentations. The past four races were held on the Taipei 101 high-speed elevator, Taoyuan Hutou Mountain self-driving car and Kaohsiung light rail. This year, organizer XCEL NEXT creatively moved the 60-second briefing to Singapore's most iconic sightseeing riverboat and co-hosted with Singapore's largest startup media e27, aiming to strengthen the combination of international potential startups and venture capital.

Kevin Yu, founder of XCEL NEXT, said the X-PITCH 2023 competition is divided into four areas: digital economy, sustainability, healthcare and advanced manufacturing. These fields primarily focus on deep technology, innovative approaches that bring together science, engineering, and design thinking to solve society's most pressing problems, such as chronic disease, climate change, clean energy, and food production. Among the participating teams, the digital economy sector accounted for 39%, sustainability 29%, healthcare 20% and advanced manufacturing 12%. Through the industry characteristics of the participating teams, the trend of global market demand can be predicted.

This year, 53% of the TOP100 teams are in the seed /Pre-A stage, 40% are in the Angel stage, and 7% are in the A/B stage. Therefore, participating venture capitalists have a broad investment space. After fierce competition, REVIVO BioSystems Singapore won the X-PITCH 2023 overall champion and also won the Healthcare category. All winning teams will share a total of $1 million in prize money and the opportunity to accelerate collaboration with international venture capitalists.

Since 2021, X-PITCH has expanded its reach to more than 50 countries, attracting more than 11,000 startups and more than 120,000 attendees. XCEL NEXT has assisted previous winners in winning a total of $2 million in competition prizes and more than $38 million in investment prizes. In addition, X-PITCH's global partners provide TOP100 teams with a range of training programs, including market entry seminars, briefing training, workshops and investor bonding. In the future, XCEL NEXT looks forward to attracting a wide range of innovative teams from different industries and countries through presentation competitions in different countries, with the aim of truly changing human lives through these innovations.